Conservatory Glazing

Your roof glass is one of the most important parts of the conservatory and choosing the correct glass will result ensure your conservatory can be used all year round.

When deciding on which glass to choose, you need to consider the following:

  • Temperature control
  • maintenace
  • aesthetics
  • durability

Our conservatory roof glass can have features, such as self cleaning glass, solar reflection and energy efficiency.

At Britestyle, we’re here to help. If you’re not sure what type of windows you want, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our product range with you.

Glass or Polycarbonate?

Our customers are choosing glass over polycarbonate over and over because of the huge benefits it has.

Glass looks better, it’s easier to keep clean and it has much better sound insulation.

In addition to that, glass is much better as keeping out harmful UV rays, protecting your furnishings from the damaging effect of the sun.

Most importantly, modern glass is able to greatly control the room temperature by reflecting back unwanted heat and glare from the sun during the summer months and by keeping the heat inside the room during the winter.

This allows you to use your conservatory throughout the year as a place to relax or dine.

Self Cleaning glass

With the ultimate in low maintenance, our new SMARTGLASS uses a new generation of ‘photo catalytic’ self cleaning glass.

It uses a dual action coating which uses the ultraviolet energy in ordinary daylight to break down organic dirt. It then allows the water to ‘sheet’ down the glass rather than forming droplets which then carries the dirt away.

No more condensation

If you’ve ever noticed condensation around the edges of your window and wondered why, it’s simply because although your glass may be energy efficient, the aluminum spacer used allows the cold to travel through the glass. We use a ‘warm edge’ spacer bat which is 950 times less conductive than aluminum and eliminates condensation.

Technical stats

Some useful information about modern conservatory roof glass.

  • SMARTGLASS reflects over 70% of the suns radiant heat during the summer months, dramatically reducing the uncomfortable temperatures.
  • SMARTGLASS is able to retain warmth into winter months twice as much, and almost 50% better than Pilkington K, the best selling energy saving glass.
  • Using two leaves of 4mm toughened safety glass, we’re able to over twice the soundproofing as standard roofing products.
  • Our roof glass is able to reduce glare by filtering out strong sunlight and harmful UV rays by cutting out over 60% of visible light.